Staff Directory


Main Office     
400 S. Eucalyptus St.
Sebring, Fl  33870-3720
Non-emergency number: 863-402-7200 (Call 911 in an emergency)
General Information line: 863-402-7211 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Central Records: 863-402-7232 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Highlands County Jail
338 S. Orange St.
Sebring, Fl  33870-3720
Main phone number: 863-402-7201 
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 Administration Bureau (Information line: 863-402-7213)
Sheriff  Paul Blackman 863-402-7213
Undersheriff/Colonel Mike Brown 863-402-7277
 Business/Finance/Payroll  Michael Halloran  863-402-7215
 Human Resources Becky Tyson  863-402-7263
 Information Technology  Randall Austin   863-402-7257
 Crime Prevention  Capt. Kenny Johnson  863-402-7453
 Public Information Officer  Scott Dressel  863-402-7841
 Public Records  Liz Peralta   863-402-7234
 Internal Affairs  Lt. Sean Casey  863-402-7213
 General Counsel  Garrett Roberts  863-402-7213
Purchasing Jessica Stephan 863-402-7266

 Detention Bureau (Information line: 863-402-7201)
 Bureau Commander
 Major Tim Lethbridge
 Security Division
 Capt. Bobby Green 
 Operations Division
 Capt. Kenny Pendarvis
 To Receive Messages
Kelly Pearson
 Lt. Chris Ritenour

Law Enforcement Bureau (Information line: 863-402-7206)
Bureau Commander/FSA Task Force Major Darin Hood 863-402-7277
Patrol Division Capt. James McGann 863-402-7463
Specialized Services Division Capt. Kenny Johnson 863-402-7381
Court Security Unit Lt. Manny Gonzalez 863-402-6874
Judicial Process/Civil/Warrants Unit Lt. Curtis Ludden 863-402-7345
Property/Evidence/Crime Scene Unit Lt. Jeff Fennell  863-402-7228
Criminal Investigation Division Capt. Keith Starling  863-402-7838
Criminal Investigations Unit Lt. Brian Kramer 863-402-7279
Special Victims Unit/Victim Advocate Lt. Jamie Davidson 863-402-7322
Special Operations/Crime Suppression Unit Lt. Mike Brod 863-402-7209 
COPS Unit Lt. Tyrone Tyson 863-402-7825
Operations Division (Dispatch, Environmental,
Ag, K9, Animal Services, GIS Mapping)
Capt. John Barcinas 863-402-7837
Specialized Services (Court Security, Training, Fleet,
Judical Process, Crime Prevention)
Capt. Kenny Johnson 863-402-7381
School Resource Unit/DARE Lt. Kyle Albritton  863-471-5746

 Avon Park (North District)  863-402-7800  Fax: 863-402-7809
 Sun 'N Lake Sebring  863-314-9839  Fax: 863-385-0435
 Lake Placid  863-402-7854  Fax: 863-465-4985